The Quacker Smacker Canoe

We have been looking for a good canoe in the last few months. There are many times we have hit birds on water and they are swimming away into the horizon. “Man I wish we had a boat or kayak to go get em”, has been said by most of us in the last few seasons. This summer I was also wanting to take my son down a few Alberta rivers for camping trips. I have also wanted to hunt out of one along some of the windy little ‘rivers’ (muddy ditches) like the rosebud river.

Most of the boats we saw were really hammered and abused. I was looking for a fiberglass canoe that was is suitable shape, possibly not in the best cosmetic shape. I like fiberglass since they are easily repaired (if you know a little about fiberglass) and they are quite common. I was watching Kijiji and saw a few canoes for sale around $400-$500. Most looked pretty hammered, then a 14′ canoe came up for sale in Airdrie just down the road for me. Original owners and came with a few paddles. Original yoke in the canoe, and for a canoe made in BC from 1978, it shows pride of ownership. SOLD!

Brought it home and took the boy out the next weekend, paddled nice but the red colour had to go. Spent some time and about $45 and the canoe got an exterior makeover.We hope to take this lil badboy out for some river floats and some duck smacking adventures. Lemme know what you think.

One thought on “The Quacker Smacker Canoe

  1. I am planning to refinish a fibreglass canoe. How has the Home Hardware Beauti-Tone paint held up?


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