First Bird Pics

It was a beautiful September and I was tracking some black bear around Caslan Alberta, beautiful weather and was on a swathed oat field and was trying to decide which bear was worth shooting. Pop…Pop…Pop…was heard in the background. Not 3 dead bear but my friends a mile or two away shooting at some Canada geese. For every shotgun blast, an oat gorging bear would look up. I found a nice bear by herself, walked up to 50 feet of it and hammered it. My friends heard the shot and came with the truck and helped me load the sow into the pickup. In the back were a few ducks and a couple of Canadas. I thought,”What a waste of time, just for some birds.” The boys were chasing and jump shooting birds off of the many ponds and floating bog areas and having a blast.

Next season for my early bear hunt I brought up my shotgun. We spent the morning walking and trying to jump some birds. My friend Curtis had a semi-trained Chesepeake Bay Retriever named Zeke who Curt thought would come in handy. We found a small pond in a peat-bog that had some ducks on it. We snuck up on em, after sinking to my waist in the peat a couple times, I was able to pound a couple Mallard hens, one on the water, one in the air. Old Zeke wouldn’t go into the horrifically gross water but after receiving a world class beat down from Curt, Zeke retrieved the ducks. The next few hours we shot greenwing teal off a beaver dam and after a box of ammo hitting nothing, learnt to lead birds properly. That was it for me, I was hooked!

One never forgets their first bird and like a true moron I never took any pictures with my camera to document my first birds. Today it’s great that everyone has a smartphone with a camera, so we get pics of those ultimate moments. Here are some first bird pics that I have on file:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you have any first pics of yourself, kids, or hunting buddies shoot me a response so we can get those pics into the gallery of shame.

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