Fall Hunting Pics

Here we go, as you can see I have not made a post since season opened. Take a guess why. I wanted to post some pics and show off some of the beautiful birds from this season so far. We have had some highs and some lows so far, in other words it has been a regular year. Our goose kills are up and duck kills are down. I can live with that, since I would rather shoot up geese over ducks any day of the week.

Lyle S., Matt P. , and myself were going to be hunting Hanna this last weekend. We have had a harder time finding good fields to hunt. The fields we wished to hunt were still standing since the harvest has been delayed due to rain. We were going to drive out on Friday night and scout and try to find a good place. The specks are thick in there, with a scattering of snow, and a few honkers. We had only 3 birds the Saturday before and the specks were not decoying well.

We received a call from my cousin (Colton D.) who was at my aunt’s place hunting, he texted me a flurry of pictures. Over the day I figure that Colton single handedly blew my cel data plan. The pictures showed a good number of specks and a huntable number of snows. I made a few calls to Lyle and Matt and the plan was changed, we headed to Marengo Saskatchewan.

Saturday we set up on a pea-field in some tall scrub grass. There were plenty of feathers on the ground and the large amounts of goose crap. The birds were seen here the night before by Colton.  We shot 15 Speck and 10 snows. We setup on another field that I scouted that had thousands of birds on it. We shot 4 more snows that night (you can only hunt dark geese in the mornings in Saskatchewan). The specks decoyed like kings but we couldn’t legally shoot them. The next morning we had a frustrating morning on the field, a heavy hit the spread and the E-caller crapped out. We shot about 6 in the morning on the field, then we did a quick change and hit my Aunt’s slough where we knew the birds would trickle back in. We shot 22 more there. In a day and a half we took 57 birds.

Special note, Lyle shot a banded and neck collared speck. We will be heading now to Saskatchewan for the rest of the season. The snows have just started to fly in and Matt P. is rebuilding the ecaller so we are ready to go.

Will keep you posted on the next few weeks!

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