Calgary – California Connection PART 2 (Oct 9-11)

Since we are working slobs we had to go home and bring home the bacon. On the thursday night, Warren and myself went up to hunt a few more days with our good friends. It appeared that our boys from Cali found some birds but failed to really shoot into the birds. They had a great full section of wheat that had thousands of birds hitting it all lined up and we were going to set a good spread on Friday. My cousin Colton was able to hunt the morning with us making it a great group of dudes. When I arrived in Marengo that afternoon, I spent some time motivating the lads in the bar (by yelling at them and taunting their manhood). After a good 1/2 hour of motivation we went upstairs to the Hotel and called it a night.

I am one that always has a hard time sleeping before a new hunt, I rolled around and just fell asleep around 12:30 am when I was awakened by an idiot outside revving his engine of his truck and ripping around the corner of the hotel, then followed by peeling of tires, a loud bang with the building shaking, and then more peeling of tires. I popped up to see if the vehicles in the front of the hotel were alright. They looked fine and I laid down to try to get back to sleep when I heard the boys talking on the other side of the hotel and I heard them say,” Paul it looks like someone hit your rig”. I had parked on the side of the street on the north side of the hotel, the idiot driving tried to turn the corner, lost control, hitting my driver side of the truck, hit the hotel (that was the shaking), and then drove off like a true moron. The owner of the Hotel Penny got a partial on the license plate of the white pickup and was visibly shaken since the idiot’s truck hit the hotel right where she was sleeping. If my truck wouldn’t have been parked there, the idiot would have driven his truck right through her bedroom. I called the cops, a constable from the Kinderlsey detachment was out in 20 minutes. He looked and confirmed what the hit-and-runner did, opened a file and investigated the town for the truck. I drove the truck around, it was drivable thank goodness and tried to get a few minutes of sleep before I needed to get up for the morning hunt.

Jackass hit the side and wrecked the rim
Jackass hit the side and wrecked the rim

Friday October 9 – Ian Coutt’s Wheat field (33 birds in the morning 18 in evening)

We found a place on the field where there was an area that either wasn’t seeded or the crop did not germinate so we set our blinds there. We set up near to 1000 decoys that day, along with the rotary machine which seemed to help. We had the spread setup and the specks started hitting us right at legal shoot time. The shooting was fun and we had some snow geese commit as well. When the morning was finished we had 11 snows and 22 specks in the dirt. We had been seeing a great deal of birds on the field feeding and flying over we decided to stay for an evening hunt. We had a lot of fun since the birds wanted on the field again. We had a nice group of blue geese come to visit us and we quickly took 3 trophy blues outa the pile with a few juvies to boot. 18 Birds later we called it a night and took the decoys down. We decided that although the field was still hot, we should let it rest and come back later. Before sunset, I had scouted a field where birds were landing on. The field was recently combined and the birds were active there. There was a little gully that could hide our blinds. We finished cleaning up and headed back to the hotel for a meal and a good nights sleep.2015-10-09 11.19.28

2015-10-09 19.24.11

Saturday October 10 – Lois Weisbrod’s Durum Wheat field (27 Birds in the morning 10 in the evening)

The night before Davey had suggested that we get up 30 mins early. We had been getting the spread up just in time and he thought we should give us some wiggle time. I am glad that we had listened to him. We had our decoys setup and it was time to move the trucks. Andy had finished telling us a story of a friend who had his vehicle out in the field which ran out of gas. Well it must have been a prophetic story because Colton’s vehicle was out of gas and we had to hook up a tow rope to get it out of the field.

The birds worked alright and we shot some up pretty fast. We saw lots of birds flying around and landing on different fields. We took 27 birds with most of them specks. We decided to not hunt this spread in evening but we found another field of my Aunt’s that looked like it had potential. It was next to the coulee where thousands of birds were resting. We hoped that they would exit the coulee and fly over us. We found an area with a lot of loose fluffy stubble left over from the combining process. We setup a small spread and scraped out 6 more snows. Andy had driven around and saw that the birds had returned to the Ian Coutt’s field that we had hunted on the day before. We got permission to hunt that for the last day of the hunt.2015-10-10 11.45.54

Sunday October 11 – Ian Coutt’s Wheat field (18 birds)

The trip was over and the guys were flying out that evening. We decided to hunt the morning although the weather was forecast to change that day into a lot of rain. We found another area that offered a little cover, the winds were gusting to 45 mph so we knew it was to be an interesting morning.  We had some birds work us fast and we made some tough shots since those birds were riding a really strong wind. We shot up some mallards, snows and lots of specks. The rain started and with that wind it came sideways. We shot a few birds in the bad weather and then the hunting just stopped. I realized that if we didn’t get off that field in a hurry we would be stuck in the mud. We took our decoys down and frantically bagged up everything. We drove off the field just in time since a mud tornado was about to occur. We had to get out of the area on a small clay road which ran through a slough area. It was a slime hole. My truck was towing the trailer and I asked Andy to follow me. If I was going to get stuck I wanted to be stuck in a place where Andy could get a tow rope on my truck. I did get bogged down and with Andy’s trucks assistance we got out of the area onto a main gravel road which was drivable.

By the time we got to the farm the guys had to quickly pack their gear into my Aunt’s shed and get their butts to Calgary to catch their flights. I told them that I would deal with the birds and my cousin Colton (who didn’t hunt with us that morning) popped out to help me clean birds. I was very grateful for that since I was cold and tired at that point. With both of us working we got the work done in under an hour. I had to throw my gear in our trailer wet. I was leaving the trailer out in Saskatchewan and coming back in under a week. I hoped that some of our gear would dry out in the few days before our next hunt. It really didn’t.


Over the time the guys were there, we shot 318 birds. Of that 318 about 14 were ducks. The green heads had not arrived since it has been an unusually warm fall. The main body of specks were there but the large flights of juvy snows had not shown up. We hunted in very warm weather and the days were enjoyable along with the company of these good friends. We had gear break, my shotgun broke on the last day, along with an insurance claim on my truck. It was a very memorable hunt and I look forward to hunting with these friends again soon.

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