Ending the season off well.

As the long season comes to an end I want to end on a high note. I would rather end off with a large BANG then end off on a sour note or bad experience. I like to hunt as much as possible but I am learning to hold back and end off well. Last year Lyle S. and myself ended the season off with an incredible 2 man shoot. This year a good friend Davey came back again for another shoot. He was hoping to tag some ducks, since the ducks had not come through in the mid October time he had hunted with us. I wanted to shoot some beautiful trophy birds and planned on being picky. I too wanted to shoot some greenheads.

NOVEMBER 5-9 2015

Davey flew in on the afternoon of the 5th, I was able to pick him up from the Calgary International airport and we were able to hitch up the trailer and head to Marengo right away. We arrived just as the sun set, we were hoping to be able to scout that evening but it got late fast. We did see a bunch of birds leaving a lentil field. We got permission to hunt the field and we setup on a hunch of where the birds took off from. The birds at this point were spread out with thousands hitting various fields. We shot a few birds that morning and started to scout in the day light. We saw birds working off a major lake in the area and we found a little rockpile that they were flying over. We stopped by the landowner’s house and received permission and gained excellent intel on what the birds were doing over the last few days. NICE! We got them now!

The next morning we setup on the rockpile and when the day started the birds were flying right over us. We had birds buzzing the pile at 5 yards. The problem was when we heard the birds they were already right on top of us. We had to be ready to shoot at an instant. We shot some nice birds and watched many fly over as well. We stayed there for the evening shoot and filled out our speck limit (10 daily), shot some snows and we shot our first ducks. The ducks still hadn’t come in large numbers. What a warm and unusual fall.

We saw thousands of birds landing in an area that we hunted earlier that month. We received landowner permission and we setup on a transition line between a wheat field and a lentil field (yes we got landowners permission for both fields). The next morning there was a very low cloud ceiling with an odd fog. The birds hit our spread HARD that morning and wave after wave hit us at 10-15 yards. We had our speck limit done in 30 minutes and had a lot of snows down as well. Some lesser Canadas were mixed into the specks that were hitting us and we were able to shoot 3 as well. This area does not see a lot of lesser Canadas so when we shoot some its noteworthy. At the end of the morning we had 36 birds down with nine of them mallards. We saw our first medium sized group of ducks that morning.

We cleaned birds and I was able to get Davey back into Calgary for his flight back to Tacoma Washington. We both were excited and giggled like little girls all the way back to Calgary. We both agreed that the way the morning hunt played out was beyond what we would dreamed for that morning. We ended off the season well and that allows myself to dream of the spring hunts.

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