Fall 2015 Season in review

2015 will go down in the books as one of the oddest Falls. Record warm temperatures throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan. 10-15 C. degree days still at the end of October. What it spelled out for us is that the migration was completely screwed up. The farmers had difficulties getting crops off so it provided limited fields for us to hunt early on. The snow geese came late. We were able to smash Specks all through the season. The most noticeable oddity was the lack of ducks. Throughout our season we were hoping the main body of ducks were going to work south, they did not. The first sizable (50 ducks) flight of ducks was seen in November 6-9th. Those birds should have come and gone by that date, but my sources were saying the ducks were still north of us. The good news was that we SMASHED Geese all season long. I do not think we have ever shot so many Specks like this season. Trophy and Juvenile specks seemed to buzz our spread day in and out. One thing that we think has helped our speck totals is the amount of speck decoys we had been setting up with the snow silo-socks. We had around 100-125 speck decoys up and they sure seemed to hit those decoys hard.

Overall it was a great season. With an ‘unofficial’ 600+ birds shot (640 is our guesstimate) with maybe 40 of those birds being ducks, 2015 had become our best season to date. Here are some of the STATS from the fall and of course some pics.

17 Different people hunted with me this fall.

4 shotguns needed field repairs (1 of them mine)

2 trailer fenders had to be replaced

3 trailer wiring repairs

$4000 in vehicle repairs due to a hit and run on my truck

3 Ecaller repairs

640 Birds shot = One great Season.


Thanks to all those who hunted with me this season. Special thanks to Lyle and Matt who spent many days with me scouting and spending a lot of windshield time looking for the birds and scouting fields/meeting landowners.

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