What to Bring for Spring

As I am sitting down after long day of work, my mind is drawn to the opening of the Spring 2016 Snow Goose Season. Perhaps it’s that the Season technically opens on the 15th or perhaps it’s because of the last batch of goose bacon in the smoker from our fall Specks/snows. Time to get our crap ready!

This spring snow goose season Matt P. has made us 3 new 4-bird rotary machines. They will be excellent in sucking in those snows and hopefully getting them to cycle for us. The E-caller has been rebuilt and shouldn’t give us any grief as it did in the fall. Gear has been checked and repaired. The trailer is repaired and ready to rock. We should be loading the gear this weekend and then waiting for those birds to arrive. I can hardly wait to try out my new Browning Maxus shotgun out.

2015-12-25 10.28.53

I had a discussion with a friend Jeremy last night and another person expressed interest in trying out a snow goose hunt. It reminded me to get the snow goose checklist made up. I am going to add it here so you can have it at your fingertips. The list isn’t complete of course, but a good start.

  1. Shotgun – 12g – 3 inch minimum 3 1/2 if you like.
  2. Ammo #2s – BB. Nothing smaller. 2 boxes per day of hunting. Bring more if u wish
  3. WARM clothing – Cammo is Ok but layout blinds will be used.
  4. Rubber Boots – MUD is the norm, have some around for setup/takedown
  5. Water/Thermos/Snacks – We can hunt 5-6 hour stretches
  6. Blind Bag – Something to hold your gear. I use a Rig Em Right blind bag but a backpack will work fine
  7. Headlamp/batteries  – We setup and take down in the dark, you will need your hands free
  8. Phone/Camera/ActionCam
  9. Knife, Large Ziplocks, black trashbags – For butchering and transport
  10. Small First Aid kit
  11. Toilet Paper
  12. A few small rags – after butchering to clean knives/hands.
  13. Small container of gun oil – MUD happens
  14. Binoculars – We watch a lot of birds

Lets hope we see more of these pictures on the website soon!

2015-04-19 20.43.29


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