Hunting the Leading Edge

Our Spring has hit early and it has hit hard. In Southern Alberta the weather has been very warm while the rest of Alberta the snow/ice melt has been right on schedule or a little behind. The last few hunt reviews can be found here March 25/26 and here Start of the Spring Season. We had hunted for a few weeks down south since our areas in Hanna have been iced over. There still were smaller amounts of birds but the main push of birds have not made it that far north due to iced over water.

This week has been warm and the small sloughs have opened up. The large water is almost ready to clear up. There were huntable numbers of leading edge snow geese already there, the main waves of geese are still south. This coming weekend should be a slam.

This Saturday we were able to have a very fast paced morning with anxious birds hitting our decoys. We had a friend Tim M. who was able to scout and get us landowner permission. We had hunted this field last season and I feel we will use this field as one of our regular fields for the next few weeks. Near to the main holding water, not too close to bust the roost and we have a hill to set up on the sides of that conceal our blinds and yet it gives a wonderful view of the area.

We shot up 21 birds in the a.m. and another 8 in the evening. For the 29 leading edge birds, there were 26 beautiful adult birds and 3 juvies. There were some great shoots and some volleys that left something to be desired. We had fun and the best hunting of the season should be right around the corner.

I have people tell me that we are wasting our time going after the first birds of the migration. They are smarter and warier than the main body of birds that will be migrating north. That is all true, we hunt to get the bugs in the gear worked out and hone our skills. When the main waves come we are ready to slam them. These adult birds are more relaxed that the ones in the States, in fact the last shots they probably heard was in the States. No one in our area hunts Snows, let alone spring Snows. We find that even though they are wary we can dupe some and we seem to scratch out some decent numbers. We ensure our parties are 6 or under which allows us to conceal blinds better. I hunt the leading edge because I love hunting snow geese and when we can shoot almost 30 leading edge birds, it is like us pounding 60+ juvies. If you can hunt the smart ones well, the dumb ones are just that much easier.

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