April 8-10th- Pacific Migration

I was very lucky to have my nephew Tyson Hunter from B.C. out to shoot with us this weekend. He had recently completed the Hunter Education Course and was ready to see what the prairies had to offer. He had never seen a waterfowl migration before, he was in for a treat

The Friday saw light winds, 21 degree temperatures, and a consistent flow of smaller  groups of birds. With the help of Matt P. we were able to shoot 57 in the morning. What a great time, Tyson was amazed.We took an afternoon break and were joined by Lyle S. for an evening hunt. We were able to hit another 16 making it 73 snow geese for the evening. We shot a unique bird, a Ross Goose with 2 bands. One being a $100 reward band, the bird was a Nunavit tagged bird from 2005.

Saturday saw a complete change in the weather. We had insane high winds that flattened our spread multiple times. We took the rotary machines down and hoped something would come in. We shot 14 for the day, better than getting skunked. A friend RJ was about 30 mins away and did not have the spread flattening winds, he was able to shoot 55 with a very small spread. He was able to get permission to hunt a field that he saw birds feeding on the night before.

Sunday was real change once again, the morning temperatures were -8 and almost not winds. We did get little gusts and the sky was clear and sunny. The birds hadn’t fed well during the windy day before because we were slammed with low flying hungry birds. We had some shoots at under 10 yards. Our party (Matt, Tyson, Lyle, Tim , and myself) was able to slam 58 birds in the morning. We shot another banded snow and that bird was given to Tim. It was banded in Alaska in 2015. A young one for sure. We saw something that we had never seen before. 2 geese had fresh water shrimp attached to their chests. Very odd.

We had the most extreme weather. Extra warm, extra windy, and extra cool morning. We were able to scratch out 145 snows, it was a great weekend and I hope the next one will echo our successes.

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