April 16, 2016 – Pacific Migration

We were delighted to be able to hunt in weather close to 20 degrees. This spring’s weather has been very warm, and the weather this week is to top 25. We hunted this weekend with regulars Matt P., Lyle S., Lyle’s son Chris, Lyle’s neighbor Mark, and Mark’s son Liam. It was great having a couple of first time hunters out. Once again we were able to show new people what Snow Goosing is all about.

We did the early morning drive at 2:45 am to get to the field for at least an hour before shoot time. Matt and myself drove out a little earlier to pickup the trailer from our friend Tim’s house. We hooked up and got to the field before Lyle and his boys got there.

There was a decent little breeze when we set up, there was to be a steady south wind all day. We got the silos out, rotaries set up, e-caller working, and blinds stubbled up in good time. By the time that Mark and myself moved the trucks and trailer is was almost legal shoot time.

The birds were moving early. They got up off of a slough and landed on a field adjacent to ours. Ironically we had permission to hunt the field the birds landed on but decided to hunt on our ‘hill of death’ field. Those birds did not sit down on that field for long, and they flew straight for us nice and low. We were able to cut a bunch on the first volley. The silly birds flew around and came back for another low level volley. Just when you think you had seen it all, they came around for a third go. In the span of 5 minutes, we had over 20 birds littering the front of our spread. We had smaller groups worked us all morning.

After the time to pack up for lunch, we had 50 birds in the dirt. Matt and myself tagged a decent little blue goose. I will give Matt the claim of that bird (even though I know that I had killed it, I want him to feel good about himself at the end of the day). Matt and myself were playing with our new extra full Muller UFO chokes. We were both shooting well, I did notice that the birds seem more shot up than normal. Perhaps due to the chokes!

One of the highlights was the bird that Mark’s son Liam took had a band. I would not be surprised if the snow goose was another Alaska banded bird.

The evening hunt was slow, we got 8 birds making the total 58 snows for the day. We took the spread down in record time, we were on the road before 10pm. Those days where we drive out for the morning hunt and drive back are LONG days. If I take a decent nap during the afternoon, I am good. That afternoon I wasn’t able to sleep much, although I was rested. When I got home that evening, I was happy to be home after a great hunt with new and old friends.

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