Spring Season Wrap up

This Spring was very unusual in the way the birds migrated. The weather was warmer than usual earlier than usual. In Southern Alberta we had a mild winter and a very warm spring. When our season opened the birds were already in Alberta for a few weeks. The usual is a decent couple of weeks of hunting, this one lasted longer. We did travel more this season than in the past but we got 5 weekends of hunting in.

We were able to shoot over 300 snows this spring. That makes for over 1000 birds shot during the past fall and spring. Most of those were geese as well.

Some of the highlights for me this fall involved my nephew Tyson coming out to hunt with us. We had a great time and he was amazed to see all the birds (being from BC the migrations there pale in comparison to ours). We were able to take a double banded snow goose, one being a reward band. Read more of that hunt here April 8-10th- Pacific Migration . We 3 banded lesser snow geese from Alaska. We did shoot a banded bird from Russia. And an old one as well. IMG-20160419-WA0000

We shot up some beautiful trophy birds, but the highlight of my spring was the 14 dudes that I was able to hunt with. The usual regulars were there but we brought out quite a few new hunters. Some very first birds were shot and great memories made.

We had some hiccups with gear that we were able to remedy during the season, some bugs require a little more work in the off season. Personally I was using a new Browning Maxus that was very nice to shoot. I was playing with a UFO choketube from the good people at Muller Chokes (purchased at Silver Willow Sporting Clays) . I think that with some more off season practice I should be lethal with it. Matt and myself will do a product review on the UFO Choketube. http://mullerchokes.com/pages/home I tried out the banded layout blind that I purchased before the season started. Product Review – Banded Cross-Cut Layout Blind  A follow article with be written soon. I will do a write up on the Muller Choke as well. This is the first season that I used my contact lenses in the field. It’s funny how something simple like that can take getting used but then again I am OLD.

I would like to thank all the guys who built gear, set up decoys, cleaned up spreads, and hauled trailers. We met some great land owners down near Lamond and around Hanna. Without those great landowners we couldn’t do much. That’s why we take the time during and at the end of a hunt to clean up and that includes shotgun hulls.

All we need now is for a few months to pass and then we can get into an amazing fall.



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