Season Opener Fall 2016

September is upon us and the long waiting period to Season-Opener has ended. My cousin Colton had his Grandfather watched a field near Innisfail Alberta for us. Geese had been landing on the field and there were local ducks all around. That’s all I needed to get the gear together and make a early season hunt.

The weather the day before the hunt was rainy so everything was muddy, the temperature that morning was 4 degrees Celsius with a potential thundershower in the afternoon. We put our spread out and waited for the birds to come. The only issue we had was absolutely NO wind. The birds did not work well, they would circle our spread not knowing where to land. We had birds land outside the decoys, in the decoys, and on the other side of the field.

We managed to shoot 11 ducks and 10 Greater Canada Geese in the a.m. as the pictures showed. Notice the emerging plummage on the Mallards to the left side of the pile. A few nice Pintails were on the right.

In the afternoon a wind picked up with a looming Thundershower. The birds then worked just right and dropped into the kill hole just like we wanted. We took 16 more ducks and 1 more honker that evening. A good time and good learning lesson for the rest of the long season. See some of the hunt that was shot and hear our frustration.

Good luck this season!



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