September 8th & 10th

In Alberta the southern areas of the the province open up for the waterfowl season. Opening day (Sept 8)  has a been a day that we have been making happen since it is the region that we do 95% of our Alberta waterfowl hunting in. Last year Lyle S. and myself smashed a limit of honkers on opening day Opening Day – Sept 8, 2015 – Lyle & Paul . Lyle S., Matt P., and myself took the 8th off of work to make this happen. Lyle’s son Chris and Dad made this day a memorable experience.

September 8th 2016

We decided to follow the tradition of hunting in the Granum/Claresholm area. Lyle’s uncle had some pea fields that had been holding geese. He had not seen many ducks but there were plenty of big old honkers in the area. We set our spread out on a harvested pea field with lots of green second growth on it. We had NO WIND again the morning and had geese landing behind us, around us, and all over the 1/4 section. We banged out 5 geese in the a.m. and then found a field in swath that had hundreds of hungry geese on it that morning. We gained permission from the Hutterites (landowners) and setup in the rows and waited for the geese. We shot 25 of them that night with one lonely duck. Lyle’s dad was able to shoot his first goose the following day. A great start to the season.

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September 10th 2016

We decided to try our luck again at Granum on that same pea field. Lyle and his dad were up there and I drove up early in the a.m. (3:00) with Lyle’s neighbor Mark and his two sons Liam and Ben. This was to be the first real honker hunt the boys had been on and they were very excited, especially Mark. The weather was warm and blowing hard, so we knew there would be some birds dying. We had a couple of early morning mallards and some smaller groups of geese. We shot up 8 honkers and 4 ducks that morning. We had lunch and Lyle’s sisters house and headed home. The boys had a great time, so did I. I always love seeing new people get introduced to the sport.

That morning I received a call from my cousins Colton & Jason who had a hunting party working a pea field near Linden Alberta. I inquired if they need another gun for the afternoon. They said yes, and I was off from Granum to Linden with the cargo trailer to join them for the afternoon. We used some of our decoys (fullbodies, duck decoys, and Speck decoys) and tweaked the spread. The weather was blowing and the wind direction changed 2 times during that evening hunt. We had a group of Specks work us that evening but couldn’t seal the deal with them. We had some nice groups of ducks hit our spread and honkers as well. With the changing winds, it required some difficult shots, we did manage to take 5 honkers and 10 ducks. Here again there were 3 very new hunters out. The great news is it appears that all the new guys involved that day have caught the waterfowl hunting bug. I am no doctor but i think that virus can only be controlled by more waterfowl hunting.

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