Unexpected Friends – Sept 17, 2016

We had been eye-balling a pea field not too far from home. This field is 1/2 mile from a great lil holding pond. The pond was hold 2000+ ducks and geese. We obtained permission to hunt the field and on Saturday morning we decided to setup on the field and coax some resident birds in.

Good friends Jeremy, Matt, and Lyle joined myself for the morning. The birds circled the pond and went a different direction than we had hoped. They went south and were feeding on a field somewhere out of sight, and not on the pea field next to their pond.We were still able to scratch out 3 Canadas and 4 ducks. I decided to jump in the truck and see where those birds were heading.2016-09-17-11-31-19

I was driving on of the range roads and see a Dodge truck parked on the side of the road. I passed the truck and saw blinds in the back of the pickup. I did a U-turn and headed back to say hi to the other guys and ask how things went for them. I met up and noticed that the stranger was actually a friend. My pal Scotty is a hunting buddy who I had met at Basspro Shop a few years back. Yes, all good friendships start at Basspro. I found out that they spotted us in the morning and weren’t sure if it was me hunting. We quickly decided to join forces and find out where the birds went. We talked to a few local landowners and received permission to hunt a barley field where the birds were feeding. Lyle and Jeremy needed to head home so we had 2 spots open (Scotty and his friend Darrin filled those spots). I later got a text from RJ asking if we had spot for another gun in the afternoon. I had met RJ at Basspro Shops too. Yes, all good friendships start at BassPro. He had been hunting north and had crapped out. Matt thought it would be fine so we told him to drive to us. A nice little party of 5 for the p.m. shoot.

We knocked down 15 ducks and witnessed a beautiful sunset. Best thing is the unexpected members for the afternoon hunt. When in doubt, team up. Here’s a little video from the days shoot.


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