An Early Saskatchewan Hunt

A few weeks ago our family was discussing the Kindersly Goose Festival. I have always said that it would be fun to go to it. I had never taken a festival in it’s 40 year history. We called up my aunt in Marengo and decided to make a trip out before the main blitz of the migration.

I wasn’t going to go up without my hunting gear and trailer. This was a family trip, not a hunting trip but i wanted to go out for a morning and/or an evening. This trip up also allowed me to deliver some of our extra equipment up to the farm.

That Friday that I was doing a few odd jobs at the farm and wanted to check out my aunt’s slough. With all the rain the slough is at least 3 feet higher than last year. I decided to get my gear on and venture out in the drizzly weather and walk cross country with Piper to the slough. She kicked up a couple of ‘Huns’ which she sniffed out. By the time we made it to the slough the birds were  flying fast and furious. There were thousands of ducks on the slough. I was looking for a spot that would be a good place to setup a small floater spread when I noticed a place where the birds were entering the slough. I waundered over there and sat down. I could have had my limit in a few minutes since the ducks were flying 10 yards over my head. I wanted to do a small spread that afternoon and didn’t want to ruin the experience; however, I could not pass on a Redhead and a Canvasback that I quickly dispatched.

That afternoon I decided to be picky and shoot ducks that I don’t normally shoot or even see. I was able to take a Shoveler Drake, a Mallard Hen and 4 Blue wing teal. That limit took under 2 hours. It was nice to be picky, hunt my own way and know that the birds I shot were mine and not ‘shared’ with anyone else. I was happy with my shooting and the UFO choke by Muller Chokes.

We took in the Goose Festival in Kindersly on Saturday. We caught the parade and Quinn got a free Duck-Call. We watched a heavy Horse pulling contest, had burgers and pie at the United Church, saw the Quilts that my aunt and her guild had made that were on display (women’s show  & shine), looked at some nice classic cars at a men’s show & shine, and did some local shopping. I was able to get a set of white coveralls really cheap just in time for snow goose season. That evening I watched the snow geese arrive around the farm, tried to get permission on field that had 5k of birds on. The landowner said I had drive in so I said no thank you. I did setup on my aunt’s harvest lentil field next to the birds roost.

If i wanted another limit of ducks I would have hit he pond, but it was time for some father-Son time in the blinds. I really wanted to kill a few snow geese to get me into snow goose killing mode. We setup our blinds in a rockpile (for easy coverup) and set out 240 snow socks, 48 duck socks, our old E-caller,  and 24 speck shells. Quinn was more than eager to get out and film out hunt. He worked pretty hard (after a loving back of he hand since he stopped listening) and the boy, dad, and dog waited for the birds.

The snows and specks did come, we saw thousands fly near us. I shot 3 nice snows. If we would have had all our snow gear/rotaries and 2 more good shooters I think we would have shot 20-30 birds easy. They decoyed well even though we had a shiny frosty decoys and no wind. Quinn and me had our spread taken down and we were back at the farm by 11;45 a.m.

Piper slept the whole time in her blind. She was so jacked up at the farm. She had been stalking some feral kittens in the shed and she got one and chewed it up and threw it in the air. She was in Beast-mode at that point and would have killed any more kittens she could find. She spent all her waking time at the farm looking for cats. She was seen sniffing and tracking and chasing her feline foes. That dog was exhausted when we got home. She did well up-land hunting at least. She kicked up a couple of Huns which I was happy about.

It was a great trip out and I was able to see that the birds were in force early. The Festival was great and I think it was about time that I made amends for all Geese that I had been shooting the last few year up there.

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