Applying Raffia Grass to a Layout Blind

Last year I wrote an article explaining 2 tricks that a friend showed me to speed things up at the start of a hunt. He used raffia grass and a lawn rake to speed things up. Brilliant and easy. The article can be found here Field Tip – A Rake and Rafia

Last week a friend was asking me about raffia grass and how to put it on the blind. I decided to put some on one of my blinds and record it to show how I have put it one my blinds in the past. That video can be seen here:

One needs to be wary of the colour of the raffia grass that you put on. Some are way too light and will not blend well with natural vegetation. You can knock down a light colour with a dusting of black or brown spray paint.

Do not add too much raffia. Less is More in this case. You will still be adding natural field vegetation and will need stubble straps to do so. So don’t fill them all up with raffia grass.

Hope this little trick helps. If you decide to do this thinking that you will not need to add any natural vegetation, you will be sadly mistaken. You will still need to put some work into your hide. Being a lazy bastard can blow your hunt, those birds aren’t dumb.

Good luck out there.

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