Crew #1 – Andy & Crew (Oct 9-15)

Our Friends from Fresno were coming up for another week hunt. We had an unusual hunt last year with the complete lack of ducks. You can see last year’s wrap up here Calgary-California Connection PART 1 – Oct 2-5 . One thing that made me really nervous was the amount of rain, then snow, and then more rain that we had in the previous days before our friends arrived. When it rains out here it means HELL-MUD. If you do not know what this is you have not experienced Prairie Gumbo. Last year i ripped off both of my trailers fenders due to this mud.

Andy, Dale, and Davy arrived Saturday evening. I had driven out from Calgary to make a morning hunt for Saturday (roll out at 1:30 a.m.) with my cousins Colton and Jason who had a Hutterite field lined up.It sure was was muddy but we had a decent little shoot. I gained permission to hunt on the other side of the section for when a Sunday morning hunt. There were lots of birds in the area all around the Smiley Hutterite Colony.


The next morning the forecast was for low fog and rain. This field was pretty swampy to start off with and more rain made it tricky to get onto. There was a low fog that made me happy, some of my best hunts have been in a low fog like that. This morning was to start off like my last hunt with Davy ended off last fall season Ending the season off well. . We had a late start on the field but we were shooting specks before we could move the trucks. We had birds flying in nice and low and had a great morning shoot.


The rest of the week was spent hunting near the Hutterite colony. Lyle and Matt came up as well and we had some pretty decent shoots. These birds were really spooky, they had been shot up pretty good. There were limited fields for the birds to feed on, and the hunting pressure was high since every Yahoo and his dog were trying to get on the same fields. The roads were muddy so one had to stay on fields off main gravel roads and highways. The guys had some decent evening shoots with some nice ducks taken and big honkers. Such an odd season to see big honkers in the area still. Here is a slideshow from this week’s hunting

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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