Hanna and Stupid Snows (Oct 29-30)

One of the biggest frustrations from the last month of hunting was that the snow geese did not decoy well at all. The only snows that we hit were small groups that flew straight at our spread which we gladly shot. The birds did not care about our rotary machines, ecaller, or large snow goose spreads. The birds would not cycle or spin the decoys, larger groups would not glide in as snows typically do. Since I love shooting snows and specks more than anything else, I left Saskatchewan wanting more.

Our friend in Hanna Alberta Tim had been watching birds. There were birds there but they were erratic and not really going to the same places to feed. That was the story of our season. He did line up a field and we decided to setup about 1000 decoys and try our luck. There was a nice breeze and the temperature was warm. It turned out to be a lovely morning.

We got our spread set up and waited until legal shoot time. We had ducks hitting us hard, I shot one before our stubbling was done. There was a little pond on the field that was sucking in hundreds of ducks throughout the morning. We would get large groups of ducks hitting us through the a.m. which mainly comprised of Widgeon. The snows did decided to check us out and we had bunches of them cycling the decoy spread. We shot up a good deal of Juvy snows that weren’t very bright. I suspect these birds had not seen decoys before, certainly not larger groups of decoys. We shot up 50 birds that day, I went for a drive to scout out for a new field for the next morning. I really didn’t find any better fields than the one we were on, so we decided to stay on the same field but to set up closer to that duck pond.

The next day a thick heavy fog blew in and usually that is exactly what we love to have for a morning hunt. The ducks dove in and blasted our decoys and ecaller. The snows came and circled above the fog. We could hear them above the spread but they would not come down to meet their end. We managed to take 30 more birds that morning with most of them ducks. Here again mostly Widgeon. We managed to take 80 birds in the two morning and had some dumb snow geese hit us. It did make me happy to shoot some dirty birds, this was the first weekend where the snows worked well. Take a look at some of the birds and see some decent lil piles of snows.

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