Fall 2016 Wrap-Up

Merry Christmas my friends. It’s Christmas eve, we are in the middle of a White Christmas type storm. White Christmases are for people who don’t get much snow, I would prefer a brown grass Christmas myself. I have been going over pictures and watching hunting videos the last few days. In the last few weeks I have been looking at Twitter pics but I haven’t felt the need to look at my pictures or videos much, until now.

What an unusual fall it was. If I had to use one word to describe this bird season it would have to be ‘RAIN’. From opening day we struggled with rain and what come with it, MUD. WE were constantly trying to find harvested fields to hunt on, since the rain slowed the grain harvest to a snails pace. I have never hunted so many fields in swath before. It’s sure easy to hide in! When we could find fields we had to try and figure how to get onto those fields since the roads were horrid. This led the migration to be ‘off’ for a lack of a better word. The specks came on schedule, there were lots of local ducks to shoot, Canadas were around, but the snow geese came late.

It always seemed that the birds were not working well. I mean the snows and specks mainly. The juvies were very late, I don’t really know why but they did. We never really did lay into the snows until late October and November, the dumb birds arrived only then.

The amount of wet roads and epic mud made scouting and travelling interesting at best. I never did get stuck bad but I also was over cautious not to get bogged down. Thank goodness for a truck with a rear-end locker.

The one thing that stood out for me this season is the ducks. The local birds worked well but with this weird migration I was able to target species of ducks that I rarely hunt. I shot 2 limits of canvas back and redhead. I had never even shot a redhead before. The green wing teal are usually long gone by September, in October they were still around. Our mallard numbers were down from a usual year, I shot way less pintail, and our widgeon number were way up. We were slamming widgeon all October and into November.

Of course we had a lot of fun with lots of dudes. Will have to do a thank you next to all the new and old friends that made this season great. But for now here is a few pictures from the season.

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