Thanks for a Great 2016

This was a very fun fall season of bird hunting. The weather was not great throughout the season, the snow geese didn’t really show up like usual, but as for most years the company made up for it in spades. Lyle, Matt, and myself have been blessed with many great dudes to go hunting with. Not that most can hunt well 🙂

From the first hunts in September to our last hunts in November we had a bunch of people working together to get fields lined up and parties organised. We were able to take out and showcase waterfowl hunting to some first timers and also veteran hunters as well. For myself it was awesome to take out my older brother Phil for his first ever bird hunt to Saskatchewan and see him shoot his first bird. Lyle had his dad out this season and he sure seemed to enjoy himself as well! There is nothing better than seeing the look of wonder on a new hunter’s face when birds work a decoy spread and drop at your feet. I think taking out new people makes it for me. Up here in Alberta there are not many bird hunters. I know you American hunters are finding that hard to believe that but it’s true. Very few people bird hunt here and it’s important for us to show people how awesome waterfowling is. Here’s a little video of us taking out some newer dudes this fall.

The weirdest hunt this fall was in early October. Tim in Hanna Alberta had a field lined up with lots of specks that needed to die. The weather looked rainy and nasty but it appeared that the storm was to hit later on in the day. I decided to risk it and try our luck out for a morning hunt near Hanna Alberta. I drove out with the loaded cargo trailer leaving at 3 a.m. and the weather got crappier as I approached Hanna. The rain was intense and Tim and myself called off the hunt since it was going to be so muddy we wouldn’t have been able to make it on the field. I decided to keep driving east towards my aunt’s place in Saskatchewan. Hanna is about half-ways to the farm and my weather app said the storm wasn’t going to hit there. Worst case for myself was that I was going to deliver the trailer and equipment to the farm for the next week’s hunt. As soon as I pulled up to the farm, I got out my duck floaters and hit the slough. I was able to shoot limit of 8 ducks, 2 specks, and was on the road home before noon. My wife Sharon was a little surprised to find out I was in Saskatchewan but she knows I’m a little addicted to shooting birds.

From a quick count, it appears that I was able to hunt with 24 different guys. While most of them are ‘repeat customers’, 8 of them were first timer hunters. It was excellent to see the new guys show up ON TIME insanely early in the morning. I hate being late, since showing up late means rushing to get the decoys out, blinds hidden, and truck  moved before legal shoot time. Both our new people and veterans were early, ready to go, and excited to shoot birds. I would like to thank everyone for that this season.  Looking forward to 2017!

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One thought on “Thanks for a Great 2016

  1. Wow I actually got mentioned on the blog!! You forgot to say how many days you hunted in 2016…compared to my 4 day “off” lol. Love you and glad you have a hobby you love and great friends old and new to hunt with.


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