Off Season Contemplation

Yes that is a big word I just dropped but that’s the mode that I am in. Our Fall is in the near past and in a few months we should be tagging (weather permitted) some spring Snow Geese. I have been cruising through BassPro Shops, Cabelas, and a local outfitting company looking at gear. This is the time where there are some decent sales but what to buy….

Here are 3 of the things that I am wrestling with in my mind. Perhaps you can enlighten me with your experiences.


We have around 1000+ snow geese decoys, 4 rotary machines, and 2 e-callers (not saying we use all of it at once). Our snow goose kit fills our 6X12 cargo trailer when we add our layout blinds. I now wear white coveralls when I am hunting these elusive birds. When I am about picking up dead birds or adjusting the spread it allows me to lay down and still hunt without blowing the approaching mass of birds. I have walked up to cripples and until I reached down to pick them up, they didn’t move a muscle. Perhaps they thought I was a the Snow Goose God, who knows. This has got me thinking, why not save the time stubbling a blind on a sun bleached field, why not use my snow cover. We use layout blinds to be comfortable and keep warm (being out of the wind) since we all know we can hunt better when we are warm and comfortable. I will try using my home made snow cover this spring (out of laziness). Has anyone actually tried this before?


When we tried out our first rotary machine years ago, we were not too impressed. The machine was OK but we were told (by reliable sources who in fact were trying to sell us product) that the best flyer was made by REEL WINGS. Their spinning wing and kite products were a pile of spiny styrofoam crap. So the rotary machine was put into mothball for a few seasons. We decided 3 years back to bring it out and put Silosock brand flappers on the arms. We noticed a big difference in the birds. It did not flare Specks, it attracted ducks, and it got the attention of Snow Geese big time. Matt P. made up 3 more machines that have worked great. We have been running the Silosock flappers on those as well. I imagine that rotary machines are hard on all the flyer decoys out there. These flyers will see 10-15 day hunts in the spring season and 15-30 day hunts in the fall season. The Silosock brand’s flyers have been going for a season to a season and a half. I am not impressed with how they are standing up. Anyone else have any experience with other brand’s products for rotary machine use?


Matt P. always has store bought donuts in his blind. I am pretty sure he is not ‘allowed’ to eat candy at home because he has ALOT of candy in that blind bag. It isn’t a hunt if Lyle S. doesn’t have pepperoni or goose jerky in his lunch kit. Of course he also will have 2-10 sandwiches in there to boot. I have been trying to change what I like to have in my blind bag. If I am going out for a day hunt or possibly 2 days I will have chocolate, cashew nuts, and some other junk food in there. If I am hunting for a week I will change it up since I learnt a lesson two years ago (I got bunged up and felt like crap which ironically was what I wanted to do but could not). I am bringing out breakfast bars, fruit bars, and wraps/sandwiches now. One thing we all agree on is massive amounts of coffee. One can never have too large of a thermos. What do you take with you? What is the ultimate blind snack?

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