We will take it from here

I received a call from a good friend at a Hutterite Colony SE of Calgary yesterday. They have the snow geese around their place. I appreciate it when landowners call me up and tell me what they are seeing. We literally stumbled across this area last season when Lyle scouted a small group of snow geese on Badger Lake. We got to know Mike and really appreciate him and his hospitality.

This Saturday we start to lay into the Pacific Migrators. I hope that we will get 3-4 weeks of good hunting as we chase em from the southern end of the province to the northern end.

I had the fortune of meeting a friend Michael D. for lunch today. I had only talked on the phone with him but today we met face to face and hit it off. I look forward to getting out with him and and possibly his son in the future. The best thing about Spring Season is getting rid of the cabin fever and shooting some birds. It is always excellent to meet up with friends both old and new and get out into the fields.

For those who are wanting a bit more info about the Alberta Conservation season you can go back a year and read up of our hunts and other articles.

 What to Bring for Spring

Here’s a little check list of what you will need. It’s not a complete list but it’s my checklist I use to make sure I got enough gear to get the job done. I look forward to putting some more pictures up soon. Good hunting!

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