Cutiest Pups in the world

Every ‘parent’ says their child is the cutest. I will admit that not all children are cute, some are just plain weird looking. There are very few newborn puppies that are not cute as well. That being said, the pups our German Shorthaired Pointer ‘Piper’ had last week are ADORABLE.

Quinn (my son) and myself built a whelping box for the puppies in June. We wanted to have it completed well in advance so the dog could get used to it. Momma dog slept in it a few nights before delivering. 2017-06-26 21.31.25

On the evening of June 23rd, Piper started to deliver the first of 8 beautiful puppies. This was her first litter of pups and I think that Sharon and myself were more nervous than Piper was. Throughout the day we knew that she was going to deliver. I was hoping it was going to happen during the day but she decided nightime was better. She started around 8:00pm and ended 5:45am. It was a long night but a really cool experience.

What amazed me is that Piper knew exactly what to do, animal instinct is amazing for sure. She cleaned them up, chewed the cord, and ate all the mess. I was imagining that the whole process was gonna be really smelly but amazingly it was not. It was fun to see the pup come out (some breach some head first) and guess whether it was a boy or girl.

She delivered 8 large and healthy pups. 7 Boys and 1 Girl. GSP puppies have large white patches with some brown patches as well. Their true colours come out as they get older. In fact in a week you can see which pups are going to look like Momma (spotted and ticked) and which ones are gonna have more large white patches like their Pappa.

We had the tails docked and dew claws removed last Tuesday. We went up to visit the breeder where the ‘Pappa’ lives to get that done since he was able to bring a vet to his farm for shots of his dogs and since the vet was onsite we could get our pups done.  The vet was amazing and I was able to see the whole process of tail docking. The pups handled it like champs. Thanks to Guy from ‘Wingshot German Shorthaired Pointers’ for all the help and advice throughout the entire process.

We are wanting to keep a male dog for ourselves and wanted one with a lot of white on it with a nice liver/brown head. There are 4 to choose from that will meet that description. However we are kinda smitten by this cute lil bugger with a big blaze on his face. He will be ours unless he shows no hunting drive or ends up being half WEEEETARDED.2017-06-26 22.49.14

Here are a few YouTube videos of the litter from day 1 and on. If you would like more info on these dogs let me know

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