It’s Inventory Season – DUCKS

Time flys by, and August in my opinion can never go by fast enough. I get so anxious for our open waterfowl season in Alberta and Saskatchewan. As per usual, the Alberta season opens on September 1st in the northern section and September 8 for the rest of the province. I can never figure out why they stagger the season but it is the way it is.

This is the time of year that I want to start watching YouTube hunting videos of our hunts and of others taking in the early Canada goose seasons in the States. My mind starts to go into inventory mode. When I stop and think and try to figure out where all of our gear is stored (some at Matt P.’s semi trailer, some at my house, some at Lyle’s) I am amazed at the amount of gear that we acquired over the years. We are always trying to add a little bit every year, some to replace the damaged/wornout/inferior equipment. Sometimes we experiment with a new gadget or novelty item that we see at Cabelas/BassPro. FYI BassPro will be having their Fall hunting classic starting this week, if you are thinking of getting more gear/equipment/ammo this may be a good time.

Since we seem to have a lot of crap these days I try to break our inventory into a few categories. These are : GEAR, FIREARMS, DUCKS, CANADA GEESE, SPECK/SNOW GEESE. Today I took a quick look at my DUCK gear. Most of this is stored at my place and since it is the smallest of our decoy category (we hunt ducks but we really focus on Geese since we target tundra geese and are in their flyway)


We do most of our waterfowl hunting over harvested grain fields, so most of our duck decoys are field decoys. I was able to take in a few months of sales at Cabelas this winter and was able to get some Avian-X mallard decoys for under $300 CAD a dozen. I was able to get a couple dozen of  FB decoys and can hardly wait to try them this fall. I have another 4 dozen Deadly Decoy headed Silosock decoys as well to compliment the FB’s (2 doz mallard and 2 doz FB). I was able to get those Deadlies at $50 a dozen a few years back. That would put us at 6 dozen field duck decoys, I made sure they were cleaned up and ready to go. I made sure the spinning wing decoys had their battery packs in their proper places and are working order. I only run 2 Lucky Duck brand spinners and was able to get a few on another great Christmas sale at Cabelas. We do incorporate our FB/Shell Canada goose decoys also into our duck/geese spreads but that is for another blog post. I have another 4 dozen floating mallard/pintail decoys and eye balled them to maked sure their texas-riggings were not tangled and were ready to rock.

I can hardly say that I spent a lot of time cleaning and getting the DUCK gear ready. Since we use this gear from the start of the season to the end, it needs to be ready to rock. I encourage all you bird hunters to get your gear ready to go. When I get excited/anxious to hunt I find that I am more motivated to get stuff ready to go. Keep on top of it lads!

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