It’s Inventory Season – Geese

Today is one of my favourite days of the year. It was a Goose Decoy Migration day. It is one the special days where I completely empty my cargo trailer and start loading it with decoys. My basement decoy area gets emptied of all the plastic geese and my equipment from the trailer migrates down south to fill the void. I usually make a drive out to the farm where we store the bulk of our equipment and fill the trailer up.

I think that I will focus this article of Dark Geese and do a separate article of our Snow Goose gear since we cannot get both our dark goose decoys and snow decoys/gear in the 6X12 trailer together.

I got the rest of the loaned hunting decoys back into our trailer. Here again, I am amazed at how much stuff we have seemed to acquired. I opened up our decoy bags and counted, cleaned and sprayed painted our shells. It appears that we have 48 standard Canada shells and 14-24 magnum shells. I love the magnum shells since we keep them behind our blinds to stash dead birds (both ducks and geese) under. I like to not have dead birds lying around if we can help it. They are nice and large and really stand out. I have a couple dozen Canada floater decoys strung up and ready to go. I think I will keep them in the basement until I know that I will be hunting over water. I cleaned up our 2 dozen speck shells and rebagged them. We usually don’t put out many speck shells till later on in the season. We have about 2 dozen or more speck FBs and about 8 dozen speck socks (headed and non headed). I think we have the speck decoys still in the trailer with our snow gear, I will have to go back and pick them up soon.

I am pretty sure that Lyle has more of our Canada shells and he has our Canada FBs at his place. He built some great racks to slide our AvianX FBs in. The biggest beef that I have with FB decoys is the space they take up and how beat up they get when you toss them in the trailer. Lyle came up with a pretty slick idea for his FB racks. He made them to slide into his pickup bed as well (6 foot truck bed). I will try and get a picture or two of them on some of our fall pictures.

We have more than enough of these decoys, we usually tow them around for 3 -4 weeks and then we swap out our Canada gear for our snow gear. I may try my hand at some late season (December) Canada hunting in the south by Lethbridge this fall, but I have said that before.

The best thing about the decoy migration is that I really start to get pumped up for the season. We certainly have a lot of stuff. Kinda sad, I sold off some of the decoys that we haven’t been using much lately, we still got too much crap đŸ™‚


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