The Wait’s Almost Over

I decided that tonite was good night to sip some Wisers Canadian Whisky and reflect upon how the season has been going so far. One month down and a few more to go.

I do get a little excited about our season openers. It’s the time for the crew to form up and get shooting once again. I don’t mind shooting up local birds. I  like doing a little upland bird hunting with my girl Piper. I love shooting some early season speck/honker/duck limits as well. But I am not in this for the early season but for the MIGRATION. Nothing is better than getting under the flight path of thousands of birds and that time is right around the corner.

We have the snow goose gear loaded in the trailer and it’s ready to rock. We made a trip out a few weekends ago to chase some leading edge snows and specks. As typical of early season birds they didn’t decoy well. Thank goodness I had by white coveralls and was able to nail a few birds on the very edge of our spread (the specks flared at the decoys like clockwork).

Early season is fun but I get way too anxious for the main push of birds that hit our area in Saskatchewan we hunt that’s around my Aunt’s farm. It’s the insanity of Canadian Prairie hunting that is so addictive. The first group of Americans from California and Washington State are flying in this Saturday. From the reports that I have received our area is filling up with migrating geese and cranes.

I was so happy to hear that first time migrator hunter Mike @Cabotheduckdog had a great time near Tisdale Saskatchewan a week or so ago. Sometimes I just take for granted the amazing sights and sounds of thousands of birds all in the same area.

So it begins. This weekend I hope to get out with friends in Saskatchewan and start hunting the ever building thousands of snows/specks/cranes/ducks as the migration pushes through. I will hopefully get some great video and pictures up soon. Good luck to you other migrator hunters and to those down south who’s seasons are about to open

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