First of the Migrators Oct 8-12/17

My favourite time to hunt is mid October. It may come back to memories as a kid coming out to the farm with our family and spending time with grandparents, uncles/aunts, and cousins during our Canadian Thanksgiving. If you have never been to the prairies during this time it is a hard picture to paint. The leaves are almost off all the trees, there usually still is a flurry of harvesting work still left undone. It is a time to winterize the farm yard & garden for the first snow. The days are usually warm and the nights are cool. Best of all the skies are full of migrating waterfowl.

Our friends from California and Washington state came up to hunt the week once again. We were able to join them and shoot up some of the migrating geese on their long trek south. This week wasn’t too shabby.IMG-20171010-WA0001

We were able to lay into some snow geese. The birds never really decoyed well. We did not have snow geese doing their typical spin the decoys routine. We did shoot some for sure, but i love to see them spin the rotaries and ecaller. There were very few ducks to be found. The ducks had not migrated through at this point. Lyle and myself were able to nail a few cranes as a group drifted in low and slow. That made my hunt, its been a few years since I had shot a crane.


Here again it was a great time hunting with Andy, Davey and crew once again. Here’s a few pics and a YouTube video of our hunt these few days.


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