A quick 3 Man Limit of Honkers Nov 25/17

Once again we found that the honkers were back feeding on Lyle’s Uncle’s field. We decided to drive out and setup for a morning shoot. We were wanting to just do a morning shoot but if we felt the need to, we were prepared to be out all day. Today Lyle brought out a first time field hunter Randy to join us. We hoped he would have a good time.

The three of us got out there and setup our Canada goose fullbodies and Mallard fullbodies and stubbled up the blinds. We had just finished setting up and a couple of curious Canadas came in to check out our decoy spread. The wind was very light and for the first hour was almost no existent. Fortunately the wind increased to decent honker shooting breeze. We knew then that this was going to be fun once again.

The birds worked us from all sides including flying over us from behind our heads. We had a few groups drop into the shooting hole in front of out spread. We got a few of those on the video below.  The morning went well, in fact by 11:00 were were done with 24 big honkers on the ground. Throughout the morning we saw no ducks. I was thinking that we would see some for sure. We all decided to clean up the decoys and head it home.

This area was working well for us and we thought that we would be able to hunt these birds for weeks since it seemed like these birds had settled in and were wintering down in this part of Southern Alberta. Oh yes, Randy had fun.






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