Fall 2017 Recap – Canada Geese

The start of our 2017 waterfowl fall season seems just yesterday to me. In reality it was 4 months ago. We went pretty hard after the waterfowl this season. There is no way to sum up the entire season in one article. Too many things happened. You can read the articles I wrote during the season for a more detailed story. I have decided to sum up the season in 3 sections. The section is Canada Geese, Ducks, and Migrators.


It was a hot and dry spring and summer. There were many places throughout the prairies that had their harvest done a month or more earlier than usual. There were places too that the crops were a disaster. It did effect the birds, we did notice them doing odd stuff. This season for Canadas was no exception.

We typically start our season off with a trip down south to Lyle’s uncle’s fields. There usually are birds down that way. This year we were getting reports of thousands of birds down there. We started out with a good old slam. The first Saturday/Sunday morning we shot 56 big honkers. You can read the story of opening day HERE

We spent the rest of the September chasing after elusive Canadas. It seemed that our usual places we hunt had birds but they would not decoy well at all. We did have success but not like the way the season opened. I suspect this was due to the dry conditions but that is just a guess. In a typical season we hunt Canadas for 4 weeks or so then switch over to chasing the snow geese and other migrators. This season we brought the decoys out of mothball late in the season.

The season ended off the way it started. We were shooting big Canadas from November to December down south on the same fields/area as opening day. The Canada geese stuck around down there throughout the season. These birds are probably wintering down there. I would call this population of geese ‘local birds’. These birds knew the fields well and were just as happy to land on the other side of the field as they were to land near our decoy spread. We shot up 68 more big honkers at the end of the season. You can read up on our later season hunts here:


This year we shot over 130 big Canadas. We did hit a few lesser Canadas during our migration hunts as well. The dry and hot conditions of the fall did make the birds do unusual things. The cold snaps that come during a Fall seem to make the birds more anxious to feed. The mild weather allowed the birds to be more relaxed and migration of northern birds was really strung out. They seemed to just loaf in instead of coming in clouds. I will remember this season for the great late season hunts. We got some great pictures and video for you to look at. I hope you enjoy them.

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