Turning Off the Noise.

We live in a world of constant distraction. As I am trying to write, my devices are notifying me of their importance in my pathetic inter-connected world. Twitter lets me know that people that I have never met have an opinion that needs my attention. Although I love my toys there is something wrong with most of us. Our grandparents would be horrified to see us enslaved to our toys I imagine. We are slaves to our toys and we need to break the chains of our enslavement every once in a while.

As summer comes I feel the need to get away from it all. Most of the places that I go my devices are all connected. There is one place where my son and I like to go where they don’t work. The Red Deer river.

Our old Quacker-Smacker canoe was maxed out in carrying capacity. It was a great lil canoe to do a day paddle but when you loaded it up with gear, it showed its limitations. I sold it to a very excited guy who loved it and we found a new to me canoe on the LetGo app for the same price that we sold our old 14 footer for . It was a Dagger 17 foot canoe made of Royalex. Definitely used and scratched up but a perfect canoe for us. I cleaned it up, did a few minor repairs, and installed rock guards on it for the upcoming trip.2018-06-09 20.33.48

We wanted to do a 2 night trip, hoping to paddle for 5 hours a day, we decided to enter the Red Deer river at Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park 


This is a great spot to load up at and has decent vehicle access. After a quick grocery stop in Trochu (great bakery in the grocery store) we hit the water at 10am. The weather was great. Our GPS worked just fine and we had no devices distracting us anymore.


We stopped and had a lunch break and kept at it until 3:30ish. There was a forecast for some unstable weather and our experience tells us to set up camp in the afternoon in case a thunderstorm blows in.  We we were right, a big ugly storm came in and dropped a lot of rain and brought with it some very high winds. Good thing we were prepared. We had a lovely camp site on a sandy lil island.


The next day the weather was beautiful and sunny. We made great time had took a lunch break and swim at Morin bridge. I love this lil spot.

Morin Bridge a great lunch spot

We paddled past the Bleriot Ferry and saw some big ugly clouds coming in. We looked at an island to set up camp but it wasn’t the greatest spot so we paddled a kilometer downstream and setup our campsite #2. We had just set up the tent when a nasty storm hit. It dumped a tonne of rain with high winds. Another storm blew in that evening as well. It seemed that we had great weather when we paddled but crappy weather when we camped.

Campsite #2



We paddled into the city of Drumheller the next day. It was a lovely and easy paddle from here on. We pulled out at New Castle Beach in Drumheller. Sharon picked us up around 1:00pm. As typical of our trip as soon as we stopped paddling a big ugly thunderstorm rolled in. I loaded the canoe and stowed the gear just as the torrential rains started. Sharon informed me that she was seeing funnel clouds on the way to pick us up.

The worse thing about this trip is we entered cel coverage. It was so nice to have no distractions and spend time with my son over these 3 days. I will do this trip again for sure. Perhaps if you ask nicely we can bring you along this quiet stretch of river.





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