Who We Are

Hello, my name is Paul Hunter and I have been waterfowl hunting a few years. We are based out of Airdrie Alberta. Over the Spring and Fall I can be found hunting birds all over Alberta and Saskatchewan with some great friends. Hope you find the site informative and feel free to leave some feedback.

Paul Hunter and ‘Piper’ – site admin




Lyle Spence – Lyle has been big game hunting since he was a kid, the last 4 years Lyle has been hunting birds, and is becoming a bird killing machine. Lyle has become one of my best hunting buddies and has spent a lot of time in the blinds and is reading bird behavior very well. Here’s one of the first birds he shot, a big ‘ol hog of a Canada.



Matt Palsky – Matt is a noob who started bird hunting this spring. He has helped us get to know some great people in the Hanna area and opened up many new hunting opportunies there. He is a good shot and great guy to have out setting up and taking down gear. He is a fast learner and will have a great fall season pounding those birds. Here is his first bird kills from this spring, and those snows were huge adults

2015-03-28 19.28.58

Colton Donhauser – Colton is my cousin. He has been hunting birds for a few years now. He has the deadly SnowGooseitis along with the rest of us. He can be found hunting near his home in Carstairs and in Saskatchewan with us at the farm

Colton and myself early Oct.
Colton and myself early Oct.


Andy S. resides in California and is what we call a bird killing machine. Andy comes up to Saskatchewan every October for a week, bringing different hunters and more importantly he brings his US dollars. If there is a Blue goose or two in the flight of snows coming at ya, don’t bother shooting at em, Andy will Deadify them before you can get a gun out of the blind.

2014-10-17 11.56.35

Rusty on the left resides in California and Davey on the far right lives in Washington State. These guys have come up a few times and are great dudes to have around. Fall 2014, we really put a Smackdown on the birds in the Kindersley/Marengo area. We hope to see these great dudes up again this fall.

2014-10-15 12.59.29-1

4 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. You’re going to have to put up the photos of your hunting buddies from California! Especially since we taught you everything you know!


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